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How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in Edinburgh?

Expect to pay on average between £10,000 to £100,000. It really depends on the complexity of the mobile app.

* Average cost to develop an app in Scotland 2024

Type of appTime to developCost


3-6 months



6-10 months



10+ months


Why is making an app so expensive?

The easiest explanation is that apps are actually affordable; it's the knowledge, engineering and design talent that's expensive. If you look in the App Store, you'll see over a million different apps. A big percentage were all built by amateur developers, and most of these apps will never earn a penny.

How difficult is it to make an app?

There’s no getting around it — building an app takes some serious technical training.

To answer this question, you first have to define what you consider as an “app”. Most apps are crap, and you will delete them straight away. It’s relatively easy to build another very basic app with outdated features, and broken or useless functionality.

Now, how hard is it to build a successful app that is a good investment? It’s extremely challenging, and very few have the ability to pull it off.

How long does it take to create an app?

Depends on the complexity of the app and it varies greatly, the general answer is on average 4-6 months.

Costs Associated with Mobile App Development Edinburgh 2024

The advent of technology has changed how the world, and businesses, operate. Many businesses now utilise mobile apps to let consumers have access to everything they need, whether it is ordering a taxi pick-up, or a lift to the nearest airport. As Bill Gates once stated, “If your business doesn’t work on mobiles, your business will not survive.”

With the help of Erbo Edinburgh, one of the leading app developers in Edinburgh we have compiled some statistics that point to why mobile apps and a digital presence are necessary for a business to not only survive but thrive. In an article issued by Statista, roughly 3.5 million smartphone users were reported in the year 2021. In 2023, this number is anticipated to jump to 3.8 million users.

The survey cited that smartphone users spend approximately 90% of their time on apps alone. An additional survey reported via Buildfire noted an estimated 21% of users launch an app more than 50 times a day. This is opposed to 49% of individuals who used to launch an app more than 11 times per day.

Even an article via The Manifest relayed the particularly dominant presence of social media apps. From these few examples, it is easy to recognize the importance of apps for all types of businesses. Businesses on a global scale offer a myriad of products and services that are available online and in mobile apps. This grants businesses the opportunity to connect with consumers in an ongoing manner and in a unique way.

Surprisingly, only 42% of small businesses have created an app, while 30% plan to do so at a future date. If you are one of those 30% considering investing in the development of a mobile app, there are several questions that may come to your mind. App developers in Edinburgh will consider each of these in further detail below, but first it is important to understand that there are multiple factors that may affect pricing. Therefore, there is no straightforward cost estimation. However, mobile app developers here at Erbo gave some pointers so you can have a better idea of what hiring a developer to construct a business app in 2024 may cost.

How Much Will Hiring a Mobile App Developer Cost Me?

Two main things to consider when hiring a mobile app developer is the budget allotted for your project and the cost the developer charges for their services. It is always wise to hire a pro mobile app developer, with a repertoire of skills, knowledge, and experience. It is best to do this whether building an app from the ground up, or simply upgrading an existing app. Now, let us consider the intricate factors that affect costs associated with mobile app development in Edinburgh:

Mobile App Development Platforms
Platforms include Apple iOS, Android, and hybrid. Operating platforms certainly influence the cost of mobile app development in Edinburgh. It is important to note that the introduction of a native app, whether it debuts on an Android or iOS platform, requires an app developer that possess the ability to generate a codebase for that specific platform. This will help with cost, since developing a native app for more than one platform will string out development time and increase your budget. In fact, the average price of hiring a mobile app developer for Android and iOS platforms was recorded by a survey on GoodFirms. However, if your goal is to have an app that operates across platforms, although the performance and quality will be lower, developing a cross-platform or hybrid app will better fit your budget if it is low.

The Search for an Experienced Mobile App Developer
The development of a mobile app comes with many choices. For example, there are multiple technologies that must be chosen before development may begin. These include which technology to use, picking a framework, as well as choosing a programming language. The success of a mobile app, however, rests largely with its developer. The developer is responsible for using technique, style, and customisation to differentiate your app and ensure it is user-friendly. Various app developers in Edinburgh have different skillsets, and this can affect cost.

Consider Location in Hiring an App Developer
Geographical location alone may affect the cost associated with hiring an app developer. In compiling information presented in multiple survey reports, it is easy to recognise that mobile app developers hired in India, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, etc…But, it comes with some drawbacks,

General quality: A potential disadvantage of outsourcing software development is the potential for decreased app quality. According to a recent survey, 60% believe that offshore app development teams generally deliver “low-quality” apps, while another 20% believe the general quality of the app was “very low”.

Collaboration Issues: Working with a mobile app development company in another country means working around differences in language, culture, and time zones. One or a combination of all can cause miscommunication and frustration on both sides.

Copyright Theft: Another potential disadvantage of outsourcing is the risk of copyright theft. Because different countries have different copyright laws, do some research before choosing an app development partner.

Loss of Control: One of the biggest risks of outsourcing is that you can lose control over how your mobile app is developed, managed, or worse, the data and insights linked to another outsourced projects.

The Complexity Associated with App Development
Depending on your business scale and model, app needs may vary considerably. Therefore, mobile app development projects in Edinburgh may range from one month to six months on average. In some cases, the time may even extend beyond this period. There are many factors associated with mobile app development, including design, ideas, features, integrations, and functionality. Considering the primary use of your mobile app may help you narrow down your needs quicker, as well as assist you in comprehending different phases of development, technologies, methodologies, and the time period in which the project may be completed. By keeping your version simple yet user-friendly, app development in Edinburgh will take less time, and the cost will be lower.

Various Types of Mobile App Development
The type of app development may greatly affect the cost. For example, there are many different types of apps; simple, database, messaging, enterprise, social networking, and gaming. These types of apps are predominant in industries and businesses in 2024.

However, it should be noted that hiring an Apple app developer is usually more expensive than an Android app developer in Edinburgh. This has more to do with the advanced nature of the iOS Apple platform. The app development and testing process can take a bit of time, so this aspect should be considered as well when hiring a mobile app developer in Edinburgh.

What is the Best Mobile App Development Company to Hire?

In the search for a reputable yet affordable mobile app development company, if your app is either for Android or iOS, it may be best to look locally. However, this may not exactly narrow down your search since there are a few app developers in Edinburgh. Some key tips from Erbo Edinburgh to narrow your search further include considering the specific needs of the project, checking a developer’s experience level and portfolio. If choosing a company, consider team size and the history and reviews of the company. Try checking into the company profile, as that will help you understand the type of projects they handle best, as well as their work history. Companies like Erbo Edinburgh that have been established for some time are more reliable. Offshore companies will be in different time zones, so it is important to have a clear communication process during the project, such as knowing the availability of the team, their communication process, when to expect project progress reports, and the specific hours engineers will be available.

Another point to consider is design. One of the major parts of any app is its UX/UI design. This will help keep users interested and engaged. Therefore, consulting a team of local mobile app developers with expertise in this area is essential. In addition to privacy agreements, also consult the company concerning pricing, payment procedures, and any other fees and additional charges that may be involved. To avoid additional development costs, it is best to have an understanding in place that the app will be free of bugs and thoroughly tested before delivery.

What is the Final Cost of Mobile App Development?

This question is one of the most prevalent among many businesses, from start-ups to enterprises. As previously stated, the final cost of mobile app development in Edinburgh is dependent on many factors and varies from business to business. The points presented in this article will hopefully help you in narrowing down what you need, and therefore help in calculating a rough estimate. One realistic way to calculate this cost is to examine some of the best mobile apps. For example, finding an app that models what you envision for your business will help point you in the right direction. Take note of its features, functionality, business model, complexity, tech stack, and other aspects that are needed in mobile app development. It will also help you determine the cost for an app that is similar in nature.

There is a helpful equation in this process: “Features x Development Time x Hourly Rate of the Developer = Final Cost.” It is also helpful to remember that a part of this equation, the hourly rate of the developer, varies with the expertise and skill set of the developer. If you are still looking for a general rule of thumb, app development cost in Edinburgh may start at £10,000 - £40,000. The price increases as more complex features and functionalities are incorporated into the app development.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your budget, the type of app you want, as well as what to expect from the mobile app developer will take you a long way in the app development process. One of the most challenging parts is finding the right developer or development company for you since there are a few app development agencies in Edinburgh to choose from. Our goal in this article to cover as many specific parameters and requirements as possible to help you narrow down your choices and achieve your long-term business goals. Though the answer regarding cost is not ironclad, understanding what to look for in app developers, as well as the various aspects of the development process and its requirements, will help you inch that much closer to an exact figure.